Multiple Junior Champions

Ludwig // Matti Garlichs (GER)

With Ludwig, the Garlichs family has bought a top junior horse from the Sales Days 2020 collection. Matti Garlichs already won several medals with him at European, German and regional championships between 2021 and 2023. In addition to the sporting highlights at the Championships, the two also achieved numerous top ten placings up to CCI2*-L level at other showgrounds.

  • 2021:
    CH-EU-J-CCI2*-L / 10th Individual
  • 2022:
    German Championships JUN / 4th
    CH-EU-J-CCI2*-L / 10th Individual, Bronze Team
    Regional Champion (JUN) Lower Saxony
  • 2023:
    German Championships JUN / 2nd
    CH-EU-J-CCI2*-L / Gold Team
  • 2024:
    Indoor Eventing Int. Horse Show Neumünster / 1st

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